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Welcome to eduNirvana

eduNirvana's remit is to transform the education sector in the universe across all levels by improving the learning experience of student community through innovative use of content expertise , creative designing, and breakthrough multi-media technologies.


'eduNirvana's first product - Economics Lab'      Try Economics Lab
Economics-Lab is the world’s first intuitive, interactive, and engaging multimedia based platform that can be used for learning and training Economics like never before!

60 Hours of multimedia based content in this lab is designed to be the most innovative, effective, and efficient way to explain 100s of concepts in Macro, Micro and Development Economics.

The lab covers the Conceptual Clarity, Engagement, and Practical Intelligence related needs of learners around economics through Concept-Builder-pack, Edutainment-pack, and Industry Orientation-pack respectively.

To view the sample content of Economics Lab click on the below given links:

Concept Builder Pack
GDP Calculation
GDP Calculation
Phillips Curve
Phillips Curve
Law of Diminishing Marginal Utility
Law of Diminishing Marginal Utility
ISLM-Part2-IS CURVE in detail
ISLM-Part2-IS CURVE in detail
Problems of barter system and evolution of Money
Problems of barter system and evolution of Money
Difference between Socialism and Capitalism
Difference between Socialism and Capitalism
Correlation formula- Spreadsheet Modeling
Correlation formula- Spreadsheet Modeling

Edutainment Pack
Economic Jungle Promo
Economic Jungle Promo
 First 10 minutes of Economic Jungle – Covering concepts of  Invisible Hand, Booms and Bust, Inflation and Deflation
First 10 minutes of Economic Jungle

Industry Orientation Pack
Analysis of Aggregate Demand and Aggregate Supply in Indian economy
Analysis of Aggregate Demand and Aggregate Supply in Indian economy
News Analysis Pack -Sample 1
News Analysis Pack -Sample 1


eduNirvana is currently doing a Pilot with A.P. Collegiate of Education

A Government body which oversees more than 200 degree colleges, Focus of the engagement- To increase the quality  and efficacy of Economics Education in the colleges through Economics Lab

'Budding Economist of the Year'

eduNirvana had launched  'Budding Economist of the Year' event with IIM Lucknow in January, 2012 to promote the importance of 'Economics' in management education.  The event had seen participation from 600 participants spreading across top B-Schools in the Country. To know more about it please visit our Facebook Page

eduNirvana views Published in TOI Education Times

eduNirvana views Published in TOI Education Times on Management Education, title 'Managers from the hinterland' – lets harness their potential fully.

eduNirvana views Published in TOI Education Times

eduNirvana views Published in TOI Education Times on Virtual Learning, title  'All for Virtual'.

Updates on eduNirvana's Advisory Board

Kartik Mani , Director, Lloyd s Consumers Card Group, London, has joined eduNirvana’s  Advisory Board - Read More



MBA pass-outs in India still have some ground to cover as far as Industry's expectations are concerned. I am sure Edunirvana's differentiated approach to fill this gap will bear rich dividends to MBA students.

Prashant Tewari

IITRoorkee 1993

Current: Program Manager at Infosys.


eduNirvana brings strong industry insights, owing to access to senior industry folks, as well as academic depth to students. Its Virtual Industry Gateway should go a long way in industry academia connect.


Rajneesh Kumar

Insead, France – 2008.

15 years corporate experience

Current: On board of companies, adviser to start-ups.




Have seen what eduNirvana is doing and see a great potential of its services in both private and government colleges which feel the need for supplementing the classroom input with innovative teaching aids.



K S Gopinath Narayan


Current: Sr. Dy. Accountant General, IAAS (Government Civil Servant).


MBA education space needs high quality, job oriented and engaging technology content solutions and it is great to see that eduNirvana is finally filling in that space. The product also has the potential to attract students from abroad. Best wishes.


Ashish Khare

IITK92,MFM (JBIMS) Associate Director,

Infrastructure PE UTI AMC Ltd.


Great Work! I see a strong potential for eduNirvana products even in geographies such as US and UK . Plus, corporates are likely to get ‘trained’ freshers from their campus recruitment's.


Kartik Mani


Current: Director, Lloyd s Banking Group, London.


Great work being done by eduNirvana! Happy to contribute in any way!

Manish Agarwal


Last: VP, Deloitte

Current: Freelance consultancy, Speaker, keen on giving back to academia.


There is a strong need for educational institutes to ramp up their training curriculum to provide value to students. Congrats eduNirvana for taking up this work

Sandeep Sondhi


Last: VP, HCL Current: Freelancing / Consulting.


eduNirvana has created an innovative platform for delivering business concepts in a concise and impactful manner for the aspiring MBA student.


Srinivas K

MBA, UC Berkeley 2007 MS, University of Minnesota 1998 IIT Kanpur

Current : Market Management, Cisco.


Our current focus is on Accounts lab, another pioneer product in higher education space, which will be in market soon. eduNirvana is managed by senior IIT / IIM and young IBS folks and also offers customized content transformation training solutions, along with classroom based niche trainings to corporate and institute segments.

Over time, we wish to create a vibrant, fun-oriented, interactive and efficient platform where educational resources from across the world can engage with students in a cost effective and value added way.

Economics Lab has two set of users- Retail and Institutional.

Click on the one you are interested in.

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